ePaper Passenger Information System


ePaper Passenger Information System (EPIS) is an innovative, ecological and passenger friendly technology to provide real-time information for passengers of the public transport lines (i.e. bus, tramway, etc.). The system developed by MpicoSys consists of ePaper displays installed at the bus or tramway stops and network infrastructure to deliver real-time travel information to the displays. EPIS can serve perfectly as timetable systems, bus traffic message boards and other public transport communication systems. The EPIS low power system can, with specially developed solar system, work of-the-grid, year round without battery changes.


EPIS shows great advantages especially in areas where electricity cables are unavailable or difficult to supply

The displays can be powered ‘off-the-grid’ by solar panel with battery and the solar powered unit can be placed anywhere.

Wall mount

Can be installed on existing structures like building walls,
bus stop sides and others.
Solar and battery supply possible.

Pole mount

EPIS displays mounted independently on the pole support. Compact design, solar and battery operated.

Open frame modules

  • Made to fit existing structures
  • Open frame display 9.7″, 13.3″ and 31.2″
  • Weather protected (IP65)
  • Condensation free
  • Safety (laminated) glass front (4 mm)
  • Anti-graffiti/anti glare film
  • Aluminum mounting frame (ready to bolt)
  • Built in Lighting with twilight sensor (optional)
  • “Plug and play” – single cable connection
  • EPIS server – via API – updates the displays


The display units are offered in sizes: 13.3" 1-up | 13.3" 2-up | 31.2" and with various mounting options


EPIS allows for extensions (additional accessories) which can be connected and managed by the EPIS controller.

Sensor Box for environmental measurements (temperature, light, air quality, noise, vibration), Sound Box for voice message for impaired, Button Box for interactive usage scenarios (i.e. change language, exploded view, etc.) and any custom extension requested by clients.

MpicoSys ePaper Passenger Information Systems were the first in the world in Denmark and UK since 2014

operating 650+ EPIS Signs

The covered area is constantly growing

uptime 99.98%

The system has been presenting excellent reliability

updates every 15 sec

Operates via GSM connectivity

solar/battery powered

Can run without access to electrical networks

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